You might already know that exercise in any form has a positive impact on mental health. However, some types of exercise can leave you feeling a bigger boost in your mood than others. In one large study of 1.2 million participants published just last year, researchers found that group activities were the most beneficial for mental health. So, if you want to see a big impact on your mental wellness, you might join a local adult sports team, take a fitness class at your neighborhood gym, or start a pickup basketball league with friends—anything to get you active with other people.

What’s so great about team sports?

When it comes to the mental health benefits of group activities, there is more to look at than just the activity itself. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing dodgeball or practicing yoga together, it’s the social component of the activity that’s beneficial to your mental health. So, you can still enjoy whatever activity you like to do and see a long-term improvement in your mood and wellness. Plus, team sports are a trending way to get fit. Most cities have a variety of adult teams for players of all skill levels in activities like softball, kickball, soccer, and even ultimate frisbee.

What else can boost your mental health?

If team sports are somewhat intimidating or impractical for your daily routine, you can still significantly boost your mood with other solo physical activities. Cycling ranks second on the list of activities that are best for your mental health, followed closely by aerobic exercise and running.

Managing your mental health can require more than occasional physical activity. MeMD is here to help with our behavioral health services featuring online talk therapy sessions. You can schedule an appointment within 24 hours, so you can speak to a specialist exactly when you need to, from the comfort and privacy of your home or office.


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