If you’re fully vaccinated, you may be looking forward to a summer of travel after many long months cooped up at home. However, things aren’t quite back to normal in terms of travel safety. To ensure that you limit your exposure and keep others safe while you travel this summer, follow these tips.

1 – Continue to wear a mask in public.

COVID-19 is spread through close contact with others. While being vaccinated helps reduce the chance that you’ll get sick after being exposed to someone with the virus, it doesn’t stop the spread entirely. Especially earlier in the summer when many people are unvaccinated or have only had a single vaccination dose so far, you should keep wearing masks in indoor public spaces.

2 – Go by car, if possible.

Public transportation puts you in close quarters with lots of other people. And the longer you’re traveling by bus, plane, or boat, the more likely COVID-19 is to spread. So, if possible, base your travel plans around a road trip with members of your own household or other fully vaccinated individuals.

3 – Rethink your accommodations.

Visiting a fully vaccinated household, camping without use of shared facilities, or booking a private vacation home will be the safest options for travel accommodations this summer. If you need to stay in a hotel, avoid hostel-style lodging with shared bathroom facilities. Also look for lodging choices that promote mask wearing in public areas along with frequent sanitation of rooms and common spaces.

4 – Enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor recreation is ideal this summer, because there is more space to roam and open air to limit the spread of the virus. So, take advantage of the warm weather and head to outdoor destinations. Just remember to book arrangements ahead of time where reservations are required—many popular destinations are likely to book up extra fast this summer.

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