You may not love the way you look in a helmet, but you probably wear one on the field to protect your head from injuries. Similarly, you might find that eye protection is not the most flattering part of your uniform, but it can save you from life-altering injuries. While any injury can be a season-ending incident for an athlete, eye injuries can be particularly impactful. The eyes do not heal like the rest of the body, so a jab to the eye could leave you with permanent vision loss and other long-term problems. Whether you are competing among friends or seasoned athletes, eye protection is essential for any active sports enthusiast, since it is the only way to eliminate injuries like scratched corneas, fractured eye sockets, or something far more gruesome.

Athletic eye injury risks

Any contact sport will warrant the use of sports goggles, which use high-performance lenses to shield from stray balls, pucks, or body parts that can do severe damage on impact. As a general rule, any sport that can cause you to lose a tooth should be played with protection to keep you from losing an eye. Watersports also pose a risk to the eyes, because water can have nasty effects on the eyes for contact lens wearers in particular. If you will be under water while participating in athletic activities, wear goggles or a full face mask to keep water out and avoid serious corneal infections.

Accurate and effective protection

Aside from the less than fashionable appeal of protective eyewear, there is a more pressing concern that athletes face when choosing the right type of protection: Visibility. Any eyewear that compromises your vision on the field can be a hindrance to your performance and your overall safety. Therefore, you’ll want to take the time to seek the right solutions with ventilated, anti-fog eyewear that lets you maintain a sharp and keen eye without risking your vision.

From eye infections to sudden injuries, the MeMD’s medical providers can help you maintain ocular health regardless of your lifestyle. When you need immediate care to cope with eye irritation or injuries, you can rely on our team to be available 24/7 for on-demand, online exams.


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